Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rollo and Ruff

Rollo and Ruff by Mick Inkpen
Rollo notices one day that bits of his favourite mat and his red ball are all over the yard; the only clues to this mystery are a pair of wet footprints and a stinky smell.

Rollo and Little Fluffy Bird find the culprit Ruff the mouse, who survives on eating oozy, slimy, furry bits of food. The two take pity on sorry little Ruff and befriend him. Using what they have to hand, they come up with a great plan to help Ruff and put a smile on his face.

This heart-warming tale of friendship went down very well in storytime this week with both children and parents! Classic Mick Inkpen! He never fails.
Age range: 3-6yrs £10.99 Hardback

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